6 Week Recomp

Want to "Bulk Up" but look like you just did a shred? This plan is for you! 



-Initial evaluation based on pictures, weight, and bodyfat measurements

-Meal plan based on your goals and body type

  • changes weekly
  • supplement counseling
  • when and what to eat at every meal
  • special diet and supplement plan to help you build muscle and lose fat!

-Workout program

  • progresses each week to optimize results
  • bodybuilding style- Not familiar with gym equipment? Start with my Lifestyle Change Program for just $79.99!
  • changes weekly
  • weights based

-Cardio program

  • based on your goals
  • changes weekly 

-Text support and accountability messaging 

  • questions
  • motivation
  • daily check-ins

$79.95 Investment!

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