Why Change?

Every day I hear somebody complain about not being motivated. "I'm just not motivated to do cardio this morning." "This weight is heavy." "Give me some motivation."...Blah blah blah the list goes on.

So I'm going to offer you some advice to help you stay on track.


Emotions, such as motivation, are a useful tool to get us to start or stop an activity. When we aren't happy, we workout. When we feel satisfied, we stop working out. The end result is we go nowhere.

If you want to be successful in reaching your goals in fitness and in life outside the gym, you have to fall back on something more concrete. This is known as will power.

Set some REALISTIC goals you'd like to accomplish. Don't let anything get in your way until you reach them. That simple. If you're sad, eat your tilapia. If you're stressed, don't eat chocolate and skip the gym. If you get tired, don't give up because you don't FEEL like working out that day.

BE STRONG! Mind over matter. Don't give in to fleeting emotions. Put your goals where you can see them daily. Reach them.

Lastly, KNOW YOUR WHY! Why is losing weight important? WHY do you want to be more muscular? WHY do you want to be healthy and strong? Once you figure this out, the pain of exercise and the blandness of a lean diet will have purpose.


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